Brick House at Boralesgamuwa

Three unit house designed by LS Architect in Sri Lanka on 6 p narrow land with a width of 24 feet with separate access to all
three levels having three parking space within the land. Each level is approximately 1000 sq.ft and
comprised of living, dining, pantry, common washroom, two bedrooms with two balconies and small
terrace in front with a dimension of 15 ‘x 6’ sufficient for a small gathering.

The marvel of this house is space maximization using the magic of planning to achieve three houses on 6
perch land with three dedicated parking with the flexibility of merging all three houses into one house
or two houses which connect all three units with one common internal staircase with cost-effective

Simple but modern house spanning from boundary to boundary sits very elegantly on the small piece
of land leaving two gardens in front and rear. The rear garden is 10ft wide opening to the pantry and
dining at ground level unit providing more light and ventilation making the adjacent space more
comfortable and habitable.

Subtle usage of natural colors of materials such as bricks and selection of earthy colors to blend with
the nature, careful selection, and usage of RCC concrete, steel, wood and glass creates a unique
character to the building forcing anyone to look twice at the building when passing by.

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