Thushara House at Galewela

One of the Nicest Country house designed by LS Architects in sri lanka for a well-established businessman in the
area. The house was designed to be looked like a renovated old walawwa in Matale district,
characterized with a central courtyard and other spaces arranged around.

Central courtyard, low height veranda, thick walls play a major role in the architectural language used
to achieve the concept of fusion with old walawwa and modern day house . Apart from the main
exterior veranda at the entrance with wooden pillars there is a second veranda around the courtyard
with more privacy for ladies, more private areas like bedrooms are located on one side of the
courtyard and semi-public areas like living, dining located on the other side carefully retaining the
privacy needed. Modern elements like double height spaces also incorporated connecting living below
and family living at upper floor increasing the visual connectivity vertically as well as horizontally.

White color has been widely used to highlight the intricate detailing & timber usage retaining the
tranquil quality and to stand out in a grand manner amidst the greeneries of coconut cultivation
around and agricultural landscape is introduced to blend with native landscape.

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