Best architecture services in Sri Lanka

Thushara House at Galewela
One of the Nicest Country house designed by LS Architects in sri lanka for a well-established businessman in the area. The house was designed to be looked like a renovated old walawwa in Matale district, characterized with a central courtyard and other spaces arranged around. Central courtyard, low height veranda, thick walls play a major role in the architectural language…
Brick House at Boralesgamuwa
Three unit house designed by LS Architect in Sri Lanka on 6 p narrow land with a width of 24 feet with separate access to all three levels having three parking space within the land. Each level is approximately 1000 sq.ft and comprised of living, dining, pantry, common washroom, two bedrooms with two balconies and small terrace in front with…
Ganidu House at Werahera.

This modern 3,500 square foot house is defined by the juxtaposition of its rectilinear roof and the dramatic topography of the wooded site. We designed the house on a well-defined plinth.

Dr. Nihal’s Home

A modern style house was designed to allow inhabitants live comfortably in well-designed living environment. The connection of interior and exterior spaces gives opportunities for activities.